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The Food Netword

Food Network

A food network is an arrangement of intersections, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The Skillets & More website is a food network as it offers an assortment of services which all intersect and support one another.
Being healthy starts with eating healthy. Eating healthy meals takes more time to prepare than store bought quick microwaveable foods. Finding the time to prepare a healthy meal is just one component of being health. Another component is know which foods to cook. So a hand to the product page to make a purchase.

The Skillets & More website provides a different visiting experience. Its built for busy productive people who don't want to play the click off the page game and search and then search you're way back. In addition most cooking sites force their readers to scroll horizontally right and then scroll left as you read game. The Skillets & More provides a cooking site that adjusts to your screen size.