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SkilletsAndMore.com Shopping Guide: The perfect way to make sure your getting a product that fits your needs.  Place a checkmark in each box that is important and at the end a printable shopping guide.  Cooking Products Adv on MantaCookware Products Listed on Manta

Plan on regularly cooking for five or more people

Squarish shaped cooking utensil will allow the cooking of larger portions of food. 

Menu includes: stir fries, scrambled eggs, pancakes etc. but not chicken, roast or other deep friable meats.


Below below 450 degrees will work just fine.  Probably don't need with high sides.  Rounded shape bottom and sides works better for sauteing.  Stainless steel too heavy for sauteing.  Consider aluminum with non stick coating.

Menu includes: Deep friable meats such as chicken. Roasting,


Temperature control that goes up to at least 450 degrees.  High sides allow more food to be cooked.  Thicker bottom better for even heating. Good choice for more even heating.  Can also use aluminum with non stick. 

Most or all cooking going to be done in one place


Consider a cooking product made with stainless a steel

Take on picnics


Consider a cooking product made with aluminum

Where will most of the cooking be done?






Good idea to get measurements of counter top space and compare against measurements provided in advertisement.  Electric skillets & grills take up more space than their gas powered peers because of the heating element. Electric is safer than an open flame. Recommend electric for indoors.



No size limit.  Space is not likely to be an issue. If going to use electric consider if there will be an outdoor socket available for use.  If gas or charcoal, be aware American Cancer Institute recommends not allowing the flame to come in contact with the meat. 

Ease of clean up important?


Consider getting a heat control that separates from the pan.  The pan can then be cleaned via a dishwasher or fully immersed in a kitchen sink. 

Safety Recommendations for all cooking utensils:




Accidental burns


Heat resistant handles to prevent burns

If getting skillet, deep fryer, or grill with a dome


Consider a see a see though glass dome.  Less need to be constantly lifting the lid to see if food has been cooked enough.  Resulting in less chance of accidental burns. 

A stainless steel make


More Expensive

Aluminum make 



Less expensive